Friday, March 25, 2011

Key Bindings

I think that smart key bindings is the most important thing to improve our gamplay and skill in any game style- PvP or PvE. You should really think about this and do your best to make the most important and usefull skills really easy to use when you need it. We can't do a lot on keyboard- because our fingers are always on W-S-A-D keys- so there are only 3 usefull keys to bind. I mean- 'Q' 'E' and '~'. You can try other keys of course near to W S A D but think about it to make all things clear and comfortable to you. Mouse makes us a lot of new possibilities in 'binding art' (when you are using gaming mouse with extra buttons). Mouse with extra buttons are not expensive- the simplest one costs about 10 euro (with 2-5 extra buttons). If you really want to, and have money you can also spent about 70-80 euro for Steel Series World of Warcraft gaming mouse (with 14! extra buttons). Its the best gaming mous I ever sow tbh but too expensive in my opinion. Of course mouse like that makes us huge numer of combinations and bindings what is really helpfull. Enjoy:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New mount from blizzard store.

Fast short post with information about new mount what is going to be able to buy from blizzard store frome real cash (like Celestial Steed). It is called Winged Lion. What do you think- how expensive is it going to be? 10-20 euro like almost all blizzard extra services?

Btw- something about Celestial Steed what i was writting about before- Nub Tales- Tears of Noobs (by  ) Enjoy :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Opening and 1st tip- UI.

Welcome all Wow players,

I've opened this blog to share my several years experience in playing World of  Warcraft with new and less experienced players. I am going to use this blog also as Wow's newsboard- so I'll put there information and screens about all important new in-game things like patches, new seasons, new tiers or guilds what killed last boss in Cataclysm raids. I do not want to be offensive but remeber that- this blog is for new and less experience players to make them easy with understanding all things connected with game, not for old players who are looking only for page like this to share thiers opininon to show how they are Uber Pr0 Ownagers.

At first, i would like to show you my own UI.

You can see that upper and center part of my screen is free from any windows or boxes, it is very important to always keep this parts of screen clean because we do not have problems with seeing all actions on raids, what makes us easier to focus. It doesn't matter what addons you use for it, and i am sure that lots of you will make much better ui's but i enjoy my simple one. If you want to know what addons i am using just ask for it in a comment.